Hi there!

My name is Peter Medrea-Mogensen. This tiny website is my personal playground: A place where I can write about random things - things that interest me for one reason or the other; things that don't necessarily have any purpose or goal other than my own amusement.

Randomness is the key. A total lack of pattern. It's an unglorified journey of exploring the world.

The posts and subjects on the blog are based on my interests. Interests that are shared by both my personal and professional life. Among other things, I enjoy analyzing, optimizing, managing and getting involved in exciting projects.

Read more about my interests and professional life here.

Below are the newest posts on my blog. Hope you enjoy reading my random writings.

Automated SMS and Email Appointment Reminders

This blog post is about automating SMS (texts) and email appointment reminders for your customers using nothing but an Android phone, one app and Google Calendar. The goal? Reducing customer no-shows! If you’ve ever worked in a company that uses appointments for its customers, you probably know how bad for business a missed appointment can … Continue reading Automated SMS and Email Appointment Reminders

Ergonomically Optimize Your Work Space

Like many people, I spend a lot of time in front of my computer. Hours of sitting down in more or less the same position. To prevent injuring myself, I’ve taken measures and made sure that my workspace is ergonomically correct. Here are my tips to set up an office to be as comfortable as … Continue reading Ergonomically Optimize Your Work Space

Create More Space: The 2 Tier Office Desk

In this short DIY article, you can find inspiration for improving your office desk. I’ve long had a cheap IKEA office table. It’s already modified with cable organizers etc. However, I wanted to tweak it even further. Here’s what I wanted to achieve: Raise the monitor to a more ergonomically correct height (higher than the … Continue reading Create More Space: The 2 Tier Office Desk

Save Fuel by Driving Slower

Do you ever think about the way you drive? If not, then maybe it’s time. Not only to improve safety when driving but also to save fuel. Personally, I’ve given some thought to the way I drive in order to save a lot of fuel. However, saving fuel is not only about going to the … Continue reading Save Fuel by Driving Slower

Use Tasker To Automate Your Android Phone

Have you ever found yourself thinking “I wish my smartphone was smarter“? I have. I wish that my so-called smartphone was truly smart. Sure, I can browse the internet, install Angry Birds and all sorts of things. But that’s just purpose built functions or apps. How about making your Android smartphone do pretty much whatever … Continue reading Use Tasker To Automate Your Android Phone